The Isle of Man is able to provide many different activities, so whether you are young or old you can make the most of these.

The north of the Island is ideal for :


  • The Isle of Man has many different places to walk, and the discerning walker will be able to plan walks through the many guides available either through the department of tourism, or experience. A copy of some of the walks promoted by the department of tourism are available to help plan your walk.


  • Whether you are into sea or course fishing there are a variety of locations to indulge your passion. Whilst sea fishing is free, please ensure that tackle and other items are removed from the beach when you finish. Fishing in the reservoirs and rivers is subject to tight controls, and a license is required. The Isle of Man Government website (see links) provides more information to ensure you have what you need.


  • If you are cycling for pleasure, there are many routes from The Beg which enable you to enjoy the countryside. If more serious the Island hosts a number of events and has a number of cycling clubs which you may wish to contact to take advantage of their rides.


  • The Ayres Bird Sanctuary is within a few miles of The Beg, and is home to a number of ground nesting species, as well as being the focus for many birds migrating through the Island. The Curraghs, a few miles south of The Beg is home to a large number of Hen Harriers, and CornCrakes are known to be in the area. Snipe are a regular attender in the area, and occasionally birds are seen in the Island which have gone off course, or are resting as part of their journey. What will you see ?


  • It is suggested that you will find somewhere in the Isle of Man to remind you of home, whether it is the astounding views, the wildlife, the flora and fauna, the sea, the palm trees or just the tranquility, you will find places of beauty to photograph. If you don’t want to take them yourself, why not visit the website of one of the Island’s finest photographers found in our links page. You will also find some of GLPhotos work dotted around The Beg – which you can order from the site.


  • If you are a Golf lover, you will find the Isle of Man paradise – with courses to meet every need and ability – whether you want to play at the Castletown Links, or the Fairways of Ramsey, the coastal course at Bride – Glen Truan, or the rolling plains of Mount Murray, you will receive a welcome. There are also courses at Rowany, Douglas, Port St Mary, Peel and King Edward Bay. What more could you want.

The list of Activities goes on – so don’t think this is it. If you have a specific hobby, then why not send us a request, either by email or our comments page and we’ll see what we can do to let you know more.